I Missed My Flight. What Should I Do?

I literally breathe a sigh of relief every time a client makes it to the airport, boards their flight, and is officially on the way.

But what happens if you do miss your flight?

1️⃣ First, if you’re headed to the airport and you’re pretty sure you won’t make your flight, contact the airline en route to let them know. They may even be able to start making arrangements for a new flight.

2️⃣ When you arrive, make a beeline for the airline’s customer service desk – they’re your best allies for getting booked onto another flight.

3️⃣ Get in touch with your travel advisor (Hey hey, that’s me!) so I can re-arrange your airport transfers and call the hotel to let them know you’re arriving later so you don’t risk getting bumped in an overbooking situation, or getting stuck with the worst room.

When travel plans hang in the balance, it’s a must to have support and someone to help smooth things over; we are that person for you!